Add Nofollow to All External Links

Last updated on May 22nd, 2020 at 09:53 am

External Links is a great plugin for WordPress users. This allows setting nofollow tag on all external links in a few clicks. Download this free plugin and install on your WordPress website. After activating you can find an option to configure to enjoy the service.

Click on External Links on the left side under the WordPress menu. Now you can set up as your own requirement.

Setting for external links: Click on the box to view all the options

Open External Links: Here you need to select any method on how the external links should open. For example, you can set Links to Open in Same Window or a New Window.

Set follow or nofollow: Select nofollow option if you want to set all your external links as nofollow.

Overwrite existing values: Here is another cool feature on this plugin. Suppose you have configured manually that all your external links should open in the same window with “dofollow” tag. Now you want to open external links in a new window with a “nofollow” tag to improve SEO benefit. To establish your current configuration, just click on Overwrite existing values box and Save. This action will remove all your previous configuration.

Method 2: Use Ultimate Nofollow Plugin

This plugin is quite same with External Link plugin. The main difference between them is Ultimate Nofollow plugin does not have the feature to control external links wheater it will open in a new window or not.

Click here to download this free plugin.

Once activated, click on nofollow button under settings menu (left panel on the dashboard). Configure as below.

Note: If you want to tag nofollow on all of your comments, then tick on Nofollow all links in comments box. Otherwise, remain this box unticked.

Method 3: Use HTML Code

If you have knowledge on HTML, you can implement this method on your blog post. This technique is quite simple and riskier than other methods. So, proceed further if you are familiar with HTML code.

For example, I have written a sample post and edited the HTML code. Have a look onto this.

Here, the 1st paragraph is a sample post in a normal view. When I have switched this on HTML mode, I have found something like the 2nd paragraph.

Click here to subscribe text is hyperlinked with my blog newsletter link. (This is a demo post but you can subscribe my blog actually over the link)

Anyway, coming to the point. Here I have added “rel=”nofollow” tag (marked with red) to make this link nofollow. And the job is done. This link became nofollow.

Over to You: Now this is the time to know your experience on what method you found helpful to you. Let me know over the comment section. Don’t forget to subscribe for weekly newsletter.

Good Luck.

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