Backlink Checker (Best Tools)

Determining the number of quality backlinks is one of the most important tasks among SEO checklists. In my previous article, you can understand the type of backlinks and its effect on SEO.

In today’s guide, I will share some best backlink checker website names where you can check easily how many backlinks your website has gotten.

When you build backlink with another website, a visitor of the other website may click on your backlink and redirected into your website. This process will tell the search engine that you have created valuable, relevant and trustable content. Then search engine reviews both the quality and quantity of your backlinks to determine the position of your content in search results. The higher you rank on search results will increase your organic traffic.

The basic nature of any backlink analysis tool has some common features. One of the most important features is analysed own and competitor’s website. You have to understand the analysis and create your link building strategy accordingly.

Below mentioned some backlink checker tool which will help you to see all of your backlinks from your website. You can choose tools based on your requirements.

Today I am going to analyse which backlink checker tool is better based on actual data. The first thing I will check how many backlinks each tool found. To complete the test, I have chosen 5 different websites. Here is the list of the websites.

  1. Social Media Management Tool
  2. Infographics Maker (Thumbnail, Banner, Logo etc)
  3. Keyword Research Tool
  4. Growth Hacking Tool (SEO, Marketing, PPC etc)
  5. Email Marketing Tool

Note: For this analysis, I have focused on the number of referring domains instead of the number of backlinks. Basically, each backlink checker tool counts backlinks a little bit different process. So comparing tools on backlink counts is like comparing apples with oranges.

Now I want to get into the report directly. Have a look on to it.

Site # 1 Loomly
Tool Name Total Links Total Referring Domains
SEMrush 172.3k 18k
Link Miner 173k 16.2k
Moz Pro 613k 16.7k
Ahrefs 11.3m 15.6k
Site # 2 Snappa
Tool Name Total Links Total Referring Domains
SEMrush 428k 121k
Link Miner 555k 120k
Moz Pro 3.3k 79k
Ahrefs 2.9k 195k
Site # 3 Mangools
Tool Total Links Total Referring Domains
SEMrush 3.5m 54.5k
Link Miner 3.67m 37.4k
Moz Pro 3.3m 38.6k
Ahrefs 4m 29.5k
Site # 4 Serpstat
Tool Name Total Links Total Referring Domains
SEMrush 6.6m 91k
Link Miner 5.54m 70.8k
Moz Pro 8.8m 69.3k
Ahrefs 14.9m 52.1k
Site # 5 Automizy
Tool Name Total Links Total Referring Domains
SEMrush 167.8k 17.5k
Link Miner 168k 15.3k
Moz Pro 608k 15.2k
Ahrefs 912k 14.9k
And the Best Tool is…

Now you can see, SEMrush has found more referring domain links comparing with other tools. When it comes to finding the highest number of inbound links, I always prefer SEMrush to be the best of the bunch.

Over to You: It is the time to hear what you have to say. Have my article was helpful to you?

Also, I am interested to know what tool you are using to check backlinks? Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

Good Luck.

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