Best time to upload YouTube videos

Best time to upload YouTube videos

Before understanding the best time to upload YouTube videos, let us understand the basic logic behind this. Just think how our traditional TV media works. They have a lot of content but still they are not messy. Because:

  • They always shoot before the broadcasting day (except news channels)
  • They maintain a specific day and time

I hope you have already understood what I meant to say. Basically, we shoot but never maintain a specific day and time to release the video. Believe me, this strategy is the basic yet fundamental of your YouTube journey.

Let’s say we maintain an upload schedule on Monday and Thursday at 6pm. Whenever we inform this to our audience, this makes a psychological effect on the brain and the audience will revisit to check on that specific time if there is new content or not.

Now, if you are thinking how could I be available at the same time on every specific day like Monday and Thursday at 6pm? There might be some other work to do. The good news is that you can record anytime and upload them with a scheduled release date. YouTube has its own feature and you don’t need to use any 3rd party software for this.

How to schedule YouTube videos?

Before entering the topic of the best YouTube upload schedule time, let me help with the basic tutorial for the newbie creators. Since it is basic, I will keep this very short.. The rest you can do easily.

Basically, you can find 4 steps while uploading the content on YouTube.

Step 1 (Details): Here you need to write your video title, description, thumbnail, playlist and keyword tag

Step 2 (Video Element): Here you need to write subtitle and choose end screen and cards

Step 3 (Checks): This section checks if there has any issue related with copyright

Step 4 (Visibility): You can publish your content immediately or scheduled it for a specific day

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4 Ways To Find The Best Time to Upload to YouTube:

Is the time to upload videos at a specific time important? Well, I think so.

Publishing videos on a specific time when your audience is online is the most effective way to reach more people. Now I am going to share a couple of methods which will help you to understand when you should publish based upon the audience report.

Method 1: Use YouTube Analytics

Navigate to YouTube Studio and find Analytics on the left sidebar. Then click on the audience tab and scroll down to find When your viewers are on YouTube section.

This section will show you when your audience is more active, specifically mentioned with time. The day with the darkest purple bars is when the maximum number of your viewers are on YouTube. A lighter shade of purple would mean fewer users online. Now, the best hour of the best day would be the time with the darkest purple bar.

Here we have to understand another thing that the audience is online but not for your channel. They might watch other channels and you may face more competition if you publish on the pick time with the darkest purple bar. So, you can experiment with posting your videos a few hours before or after the peak day and time. But even that should be treated as a starting point.

Since your community is online in darkest purple, you can create opportunities to grow your channel by interacting with your competitor’s audience. You can schedule a premiere and promote it with them to get more views.

Note: Channels with less than 1000 subscribers will not have access in this section. YouTube will show not enough viewer data to show this report.

Method 2: Use TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a popular tool which we use to audit Youtube channels (both mine and competitors) and take actionable insights to take the channel to the next level. If you are not familiar with this tool, you must navigate their website to explore their features. Although this is a premium tool,you can use the free features with some limitations.

Coming to the main point. Using this tool you can explore the best time to upload YouTube videos on a scheduled time too. Just have a look into the tutorial video shared by the TubeBuddy team.

Method 3: Research by Frederator Network

A study conducted by New york based multi channel network, Frederator Network in 2015 found that viewership is at its peak during weekday afternoons, probably when people are on their lunch break. So publishing on weekday afternoons makes sense to give YouTube enough time to index and deliver your videos. Thursday and Friday are the best days to upload your videos because people then get time to watch them on weekends.

They have analysed their channel thoroughly and found the best time as below.

  • Monday 2pm to 4pm
  • Tuesday 2pm to 4pm
  • Wednesday 2pm to 4pm
  • Thursday 12pm to 3pm
  • Friday 12pm to 3pm
  • Saturday 9am to 11am
  • Sunday 9am to 11am

Note: Like every single locker has a separate key, every YouTube channel has a separate strategy too. So, this is research data, not a universal strategy.

I found it more helpful and logical to use dark purple time (refer method 1) to interact more with a competitor’s audience and publish before / after 1 hour from the time. Still it is a channel to channel strategy and may not work perfectly with your channel.

To make this full proof you need to combine the audience poll strategy to understand what’s on your audience’s mind

Method 4: The Audience Poll

YouTube has clearly mentioned that they do not care about what type of content you are creating. Their algorithm only follow the audience by understanding some important parameters like:

  • What they watch
  • What they don’t watch
  • How much time they spend watching
  • Like and Dislike
  • Not Interested feedback

Now we must stop playing the guessing game with the audience. We should conduct audience polls in different ways to understand the above parameters which youTube algorithm follows.

If you have a YouTube community tab, you can easily complete this task. But if you don’t have the same, you need to do this from the point of social media management.

Over to you:

YouTube wants to serve its users’ fresh videos every time they open the app or log on to the website. If you publish on one Monday and go missing for a few months, YouTube will find another creator whose videos they will serve in your audience’s feeds. When posting videos on a specific time is important for your YouTube journey, but posting regularly is the fundamental principle for growing any channel. Just keep experimenting with a lot of tools to test the best method works for your channel.

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Good luck !!