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Choose Perfect Channel Name – Pro Tips with Name Generator

Statutory Warning:

Several creators upload videos without researching proper research for channel names. Although, YouTube has the freedom to change later. But it may affect your SEO.

Don’t rush into anything:

Before choosing any name, keep some basic thoughts in your mind. Well, these small thoughts will lead you to your long-term success.

PRO Tips from MSP Learning Academy :

There has a couple of name research tools available on the Internet. These free tools will help you to choose the perfect name for your channel. I will share these tools’ name end of this post.

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3 Tips to Choose a Perfect Channel Name:

Make Sure Name is Available:

Before choosing a perfect channel name, you should check wheater it is available or not. Visit on YouTube and search with your preferred keyword. In the search result, filter channel name and check if there has any name available or not. Otherwise same type of name may confuse your audience.

choose channel name
Search and Filter on YouTube
Easy to Pronounced / Easy to Spell:

Choose a name related to your content or your name. When you think you have hit the perfect name, share it with your friends. If your friends can pronounce and spell it by themselves, you have gotten a usable name for your channel.

Be Descriptive / Unique:

Creating a perfect name includes indirect marketing of your contents. Suppose your contents related with comedy. Now you can describe yourself as “mischievous,” “snarky,” and “hyperactive.” You could name yourself “Snarky Snippets” or “Mr. Mischievous.”

Channel Name Generator Free Tools:

choose channel name

Spinxo – This tool suggests various popular keywords/names. Click the Spin button as many times as you like to create a bunch of random names.

Note: Not all the results are great, but there are some cool sounding options in there.

Kparser – Write your keywords related to the niche you’re targeting. Hit start to generate SEO specific keywords. Then you can mix and match these keywords to come up with a name.

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Good luck!!

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