Choose a Niche To Achieve Your Goals

Choose Niche: Guide to Get Most Demanding on Market

What is the niche?

What is the niche? 

Niche is nothing but the topic of your content.

For example, you are reading this content at MSP Learning Academy which is a blog sharing contents on SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing etc. The tag line for this blog is “Be a Digital King”.

It does not matter in which platform you are working. Maybe this would be text content on Blog or video content on YouTube or audio content on iTunes.

You need to follow a specific niche to grow digitally. 

Why niche is important?

In each of every day, creators are adding millions of blog posts and videos on Google and YouTube. Think how difficult is this for Google to design a search result while a user types any query. 

To eliminate this difficulty and provide a great user experience, Google has designed the concept of algorithm.

Algorithm is nothing but some parameters which decides which website/video should rank on search results.

That means it is not only a matter of creating some great contents and uploading on Google. Stick on a single topic so that Google can understand your content and rank on search result.

Multiple topic will hurt your SEO as well as your audience also.

For example, you are uploading travel videos on your YouTube channel. But suddenly you have experimented and uploaded a tech unboxing video on some latest product. Now your unboxing video got viral and you have lots of view on that specific video. Unfortunately, this action will not provide you lots of subscribers.  

Always remember, experiments can give you a lot of views on a single video but not subscribers.

Let’s explain this. 

Creating digital content is all about understanding the audience’s requirements and acting accordingly. Your new audiences, who have watched your unboxing video, will not subscribe to your channel because they have not found enough videos on unboxing. 

If you research properly and create content on a single topic from a basic to an advanced level, then your audience will find your content most relevant to them and this is the only path to get a steady and enjoyable vlogging journey. 

What niche is best for you? 

As I told earlier, digital content is all about understanding. To understand things, do some research. 

Research Your Expertise

Take a pen and paper and write all of your topics on which you want to create your content. Don’t worry; This list can be huge in this stage. It does not matter. I will help you to get filtered and choose a perfect niche for you. 

Pro Tip: Don’t choose a topic on which you are not interested. Otherwise, you may fail while building your content strategy.

Your Expertise vs Market Demand

You may have expertise on several things.

But are those demanding on digital market?

There have several tools (both paid and free) available for market research. But at this stage, I will suggest you not to buy any paid tool. Just go at Google Trends and check what people are looking for. 

For example, if you want to compare marketing demand between travel content and fitness content, here I am going to help you to choose the most demanding topic.

Navigate to Google Trend and compare both query.

As you can see, people are interested to get travel contents than fitness. 

I have checked data for USA. But you can choose any country or state or city. Also, you can check all data globally. 

Your search data can be filtered more specific by choosing a search period. I have checked query for last 5 year to check if the market demand is going down or not. And the report says, people are demanding still. Here is your opportunity to work.

You can filter this period in different level like the last 12 months, last 30 days, last 7 days or last hour.

To be more specific search result, you can narrow your research by choosing a platform on which people are searching. That means you can check if people are searching on Google web or YouTube. 

Feeling excited? 

Just take your pen and paper where you have noted down your topics. Fill your research data to choose your perfect niche for your channel. 

Good Luck.

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