Choose a Niche To Achieve Your Goals

Before starting a YouTube channel, you need to decide on what niche you want to target. It is very important to your vlogging journey to clearly decide from the start what the purpose of your channel is

What is the niche? 

Niche is nothing but the topic of your vlog. 

Why niche is important?

Every minute, people upload over 400 hours of videos on YouTube. That means it is not only a matter of creating some great videos and uploading on YouTube will give a successful vlogging journey. Stick on a single topic on which you are passionate about. 

Suppose you are uploading travel videos. But suddenly you have experimented and uploaded a tech unboxing video on some latest product. Now your unboxing video got viral and you have lots of view on that specific video. Unfortunately, this action will not provide you lots of subscribers.  

Always remember, experiments can give you a lot of views on a single video but not subscribers.

Let’s explain this. 

Vlogging is all about understanding the audience’s requirements and acting accordingly. Your new audiences, who have watched your unboxing video, will not subscribe to your channel because they have not found enough videos on unboxing.  If you research properly and create content on a single topic from a basic to an advanced level, then your audience will find your content most relevant to them and this is the only path to get a steady and enjoyable vlogging journey. 

What niche is best for you? 

Already I have told this. Vlogging is all about understanding. Before choosing your niche, you need to understand some important things. 


Take a pen and paper and write all of your topics on which you want to start your YouTube journey. Don’t worry; This list can be huge in this stage. It does not matter. I will help you to get filtered and choose a perfect niche for you. 

Golden Rule: Don’t choose a topic on which you are not interested.


Now it’s time to choose a perfect niche for you. Before starting, let’s understand the logic behind it. You may have several ideas, but it is a very important task to check whether these topics have any market requirement.

Golden Rule: Choose a niche to show off your skills/talents, not to earn money. 


There have several tools (both paid and free) available for market research. But at this stage, I will suggest you not to buy any paid tool. Just go at Google Trends and Keyword Tool. 

These tools are very simple to use. Just visit and search for your passion. It will show you search data that how many people of a specific country have searched your topic. You can narrow your location by choosing your state or city.

Also, you can check globally. Your search data can be filtered more specific by choosing a search period. You can check how many people searched your topic in the last 1 hour or in last 5 years. 

You can narrow your research by choosing a platform on which people are searching. That means you can check if people are searching on Google web or YouTube. 

Feeling excited? 

Just take your pen and paper where you have noted down your topics. Fill your research data to choose your perfect niche for your channel. 

Visit Google Trends Here –

Visit Keyword Tool Here – 

Good luck.

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