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Content Strategy – Discover Your Inner Genius

Can you create a brand tribe without a solid content strategy?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 65% of the most successful content marketer have a documented content strategy. Without a strategy, success or failure is just a matter of luck.

That is the reason 64% of the creators are trying to learn how to build a content strategy, found in a study by Marketing Charts.

In this guide, I am going to help you to develop and execute a successful content strategy that will help you to become a Digital King.

Do you know what Mind Map is?

In one line, it is a structured blueprint on what you are going to do. For example, I am sharing a mind map for “Digital Marketing”. Have a look into this.

From the above mind map, we can understand the list of tasks which needs to be done in future. If you are working on Digital Marketing, you should create content on SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing and Paid Marketing. These are the basics. You can design your map as per your plan. 

On SEO, you need to create content on Technical SEO, All type of links, Content Marketing, On-Page SEO and many more. I have shown some of them to make this better understandable for you.

Similarly, you can design your work plan for the rest of the topics.

Now, this is the time to check how demanding blueprint I have created. To do so, I am going to check the popularity whether these are demanding topic currently or not.

Navigate to Google Trend and hit “Digital Marketing”. Here Google Trend is showing a search result for the last 5 years where the popularity of “Digital Marketing” is increasing.

(Data is showing for the United States. You can change as per your location)

Similarly, I have checked and found the popularity of “Email Marketing”

And SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.

This is how you need to research your content popularity to build a successful content strategy. If you want to research your content as a pro, you can read my another article where I have shared some popular methods on content research.

Consider that your each and every audience has not seen all of your contents. Your latest work might be the first thing they have ever seen from you. So you have to design your contents in a way which will give your audience a small context on what they are watching and what need to watch next. This can be only possible if you plan your mind map properly with related topics.

If you are writing blogs, you need to design contents by internal linking. For example, Wikipedia is a great source of quality contents. I have seen they link their content with relevant and related topics which helps the reader to gather more knowledge on the same topic.

For example, have a look onto the article from Wikipedia. Here blue coloured words are linked with related content which is a great way to design contents for their reader.

The same applies to YouTube. You can design with several YouTube inbuild features like playlist, cards, end screen and many more.

Millions of people are searching for content on Google and YouTube every day. That means someone from them is searching your content right now. But you don’t know who is searching.

You can be able to know your audience when you can identify what keywords they are searching for. To make this more understandable, I have written another article where you will get some practical guides to execute successful keyword research. Proper keyword research will help you reach your audience.

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The people watching your videos matter. When you keep your viewers satisfied, you can gain more watch time and subscribers”

YouTube Team

It is not a matter of creating some great content and gaining some views at all. If you are passionate about what you are working, make sure you are interacting with your audience regularly. The more you interact, the more closer you will find yourself closer to them. 

In today’s world, social media is a great tool to do. Get in touch with your audience and understand what they like, what they dislike. Also, try to understand what they want from you in your next content.  

Suggested Read: Social Media Management- Key to Digital Success 

In my experience, unless you are a creator with huge social followers, that list is likely to gain traction. Let me know your thoughts over the comment section. You can share your suggestion if I can upgrade this strategy better.

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