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Grammarly Review: One Writing Assistant to Increase Productivity by 93% more

Like those people whose English is not the primary language, I have faced a lot of challenges while writing something in English. Most of the time that makes me cautions for grammar and spelling mistakes. When I heard of Grammarly for the first time, I decided immediately to give a try on it.

Although this tool offers both free and premium versions, I have started with the free one first. I found this tool impressively super simple and easy to use. You can read my experience about how Grammarly helped to increase my productivity by 93%

Yes, I use this tool on a regular basis.  No matter what kind of writing you do – professional, personal, hobby, or anything else, Grammarly can enlighten your writing with its artificial intelligence. Though the paid version is quite expensive, you can enjoy the free version with some limited features.

Why to use a Writing Assistant?

Let’s think from a reader’s viewpoint. When we discover spelling or grammatical errors on any content, we simply switch to another immediately. I read a funny example to illustrate this while writing this article. 

Suppose I invited Bablu uncle for dinner. And this is what I have told him.

  • Let’s eat, Bablu uncle
  • Let’s eat Bablu uncle

The first sentence would encourage Bablu uncle to have dinner with us. But the second sentence is going to excite him to keep running away from me because it seems that we want to eat Bablu uncle. This way, the content and reader experience can be ruined by just a simple comma.

Everyone makes mistakes while writing, including professional writers. This is why they use a writing assistant to ensure that the text is free from errors and offers the best experience to the readers.

For native and non-native English speakers, Grammarly is a wonderful resource to deliver targeted and focused content to readers. I draw a specific goal based on the audience’s mindset each time. 

Grammarly is designed to optimize content. But I’m going to help you out so that you can use this tool to boost your marketing strategy too.

Are you aware of how funnel marketing works? I’ll help you to understand if you are not. Setting up a writing goal is directly connected to the funnel and could be a game-changer for you if you can understand the connection between them. And this time Grammarly can help you to understand. Let me explain this.

How to understand the mindset of an audience? 

Just start making the blueprint for your own funnel. Here I am sharing a basic funnel structure specially designed for bloggers.

Funnel StagesReaders TypeKey Contact Point
Stage 1For new readersBlog Post, Social Media Posts, Forums
Stage 2For Returning ReadersList of Resources, Case Studies, Email Signup, Webinars
Stage 3For Loyal ReadersOffer / Sale Products and Services

Define whatever you write for your readers in the blueprint. Just as you are reading mine, if it is a simple review, then assume you have a knowledgeable reader who already knows about the product. Now your goal could be – 

  • Audience: Knowledgeable
  • Formality: Neutral
  • Domain: Creative
  • Tone: Friendly, Analytical, Confident

 Just navigate to the Grammarly account and then to the editor for goal setup. Once it is done, you will get rectification recommendations as per your goal. And the good news is that you will have this feature in the free version too.

Grammarly shows a performance report based on the goal set. This report shows how accurate the content was written after comparing it with other contents with a similar purpose. To monitor the performance, this tool calculates the score based on the total number of word counts and the number of writing issues that arise.

While writing, I always keep track of a few other parameters, mostly from an SEO perspective. They’re all word count, reading time, reading score, and a couple of other factors. Although I use multiple techniques to optimize SEO content, this tool is quite simple and easy to use to do this job. You can write for a targeted audience using specific languages like American, British, Australian, and Canadian to make your readability score more reliable.

Throughout our online activities, we always prefer to secure our sensitive information. Especially when we’re doing financial transactions. Although Grammarly has made it clear that they do not collect such data as passwords, credit card, etc., we still can manage their access in the browser extension configuration.

This task can be enjoyed while it’s being implemented to the most popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. This feature helps to suggest grammatical and spelling errors that can be corrected while writing. Once you’ve installed the browser extension, you’ll find the G icon mostly on top of your browser. 

As you start typing in any text area, Grammarly will dynamically start checking your words and the G icon will spin. Once the check has been completed, you can find another G icon in the lower right corner of the text area. Just click on it to get the relevant correction suggestions.

Hope you’ve got an idea of how this tool works as a browser extension. Now the question is how to protect your banking information or passwords when using any browser.  Because once we start writing, our text can be scanned automatically. 

Since Grammarly launched, this activity has not yet taken place because it does not collect sensitive data. Still, I am more protective of my online activities. That’s why I’ve made it possible for this tool to read the text if I need to to check. By default, Grammarly checks the text for all websites. However in the MANAGE EXTENSION section, you can set that as satisfactorily as only your own. Just take a look at the screenshot above.

Grammarly is performing everywhere. Apart from the browser extension, it is also available for desktop and smartphone devices. 

Over the last few years, the tool has improved a lot on goal set, performance insights, and many more areas. However, I don’t use this tool for Microsoft Office because I prefer to use Google Doc as the main writing storage. This is why the browser extension is more reliable and easy to use for me. The browser extension supports me when writing emails, social media contents, long form articles and many more.  

The company provides sophisticated keyboards for both IOS and Android platforms. I tested this application on my iPhone and iPad. Both are super helpful. If you’re one of those who loves to write using a keyboard swipe, you’ll be able to use this feature on this keyboard as well.

What’s plagiarism? 

As per the Oxford dictionary: “The practise of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them on as one’s own” is called plagiarism. 

Every hour, people send millions of content to search engines. Imagine the number of submissions in a full month, or in a full year. The quantity is enormous and uncountable. In this scenario, how can we check that our content is free from plagiarism? 

In most cases, we utilise web browsing as something of a reference. There is a high possibility of making the mistake of plagiarism, that is both unethical and illegal. 

Thanks to Grammarly for taking care of this issue and let us know whether or not the content includes plagiarism. Although this is a premium feature, it is most helpful for bloggers and content writers.

Can Grammarly replace the work of human proofreading? 

My simple answer to that is NO. 

From my experience, this tool is not effective in creative or SEO-friendly writing. But it is still highly recommended to proofread or optimize your content

Let me help you understand this with an example. Most bloggers write content to the target audience. Mostly, they target a specific region or county. Let’s assume that you’re targeting the United States, and I’m England. You’re going to write “realize” and I’m going to write “realise,” you’re going to write “center” and I’m going to “centre.” These are the basic differences in various languages, mostly American English and British English. 

If you’re not a native speaker, you’re going to find it quite difficult. Well, Grammarly is already doing this job really well. Pick your preferred language and get suggestions accordingly. 

If you want a human proofreader, it’s a premium version that can help.

If you haven’t already used Grammarly, just use it now. You’re definitely going to love this tool. And if you’re already using it, please share your experience on it in the comment section.

Good Luck !!