is grammarly safe

Is Grammarly Safe? My experience after using 46 weeks

Is Grammarly safe?

A couple of years ago, I was using a couple of tools to improve my grammar portion as I was not a native English speaker. Also, I was not confident enough to write anything in English. I had a fear of grammatical errors. I have tried to strengthen my grammar, but it feels boring. 

In my company, my boss used to guide me on how to write professional letters, statutory documents and all those things. But this support was becoming part of a robotics process. And I was delighted.

Back to Sep 2019, and Boom !! 

That was a turning point for me because I have explored Grammarly, and after using this tool (almost one year), this became one of my favourite writing tools. Since then, Grammarly has checked a total of 6,26,730 words and nearly 15k words every week as of 11th Aug 2020.

Over the last 46 weeks, I have learned lots of things which I need to take care of while writing in English. 

And what have I done to do so?

Just installed its extension in my Google Chrome Browser, and the rest of it has been taken care of by the tool itself.

Every week, I used to get emails from the Grammarly team about my writing statistics. I am here to discuss this in one of those emails received on 11th Aug 2020. 

As of 11th Aug 2020, I think I am doing pretty well, better than 93% of Grammarly user. 

Yes, this stat has been shared by them over to my email. Every week I get this stat that is improving. 

The best part is that if you take help from Grammarly, Google will love your content because Google loves to crawl and index all content included with relevant and unique words.

Using this tool, you can control your writing emotions. It is true. Grammarly suggests as per the emotion I would like to write about. These are like appreciative, informative, optimistic, joyful, user friendly and many more.

As I said earlier, I was not confident enough while writing in English; hence I was focusing on writing error-free. And that increases my level of confidence. From the screenshot below, you can see that the stats are improving.

Note: This stat is shared based upon my activity in a single week, not all over the time. 

This improvement is impressive. Is it not?

Let’s dive into some more interesting stats. 

This is the first thing that happened to me that Grammarly encourages me to write more. I feel relaxed while writing because I know some checkpoints are there, which will guide me to rectify my errors. 

In the last week, I have written a total number of 14,978 words, and the number is increasing day by day. Imagine a non-native person who was not able to write a single letter without getting help from his Boss, is writing contents of more than 14.5k words in a week. 

I am very sure that Grammarly is improving my writing skills as well as my productivity. This is why they informed me that I am more productive than 93% of other Grammarly users.

Since last year, I have learned several things using this tool. Every day, I am learning new things while writing. This is why my accuracy level is also improving. Now I am better than 66% of other Grammarly users in terms of content accuracy.

“Mastering any skill is not an accident; it is a continuous process for learning new things and implementing for a better result”.

Now it’s time to explore another vital sector. That is vocabulary.

Why do you need to improve your vocabulary?

As I said earlier, Google loves informative and unique content. I always focus on writing with more number of unique words and I use them with more than 86% Grammarly users. From the specific period below, I have used 1,114 words. 

After using Grammarly, I feel it is a fantastic writing experience. I am suggesting you learn more about how I use this tool to optimise my content (error-free and user friendly).

Good Luck !!.

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