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Grow on YouTube: The Beginner’s Guide

If you are reading this article, then I can assume that you have a YouTube channel. And most of the newbie YouTuber thinks that they will win by creating great content. 

I said to them, “no dear”.

Creating great content will not lead you to a successful YouTube journey. If it is the matter of creating content, then big brands are not supposed to invest so much money for research and development. You have to do several things (both technical and non-technical).

First of all, you have to define your target audience. 

Who is going to watch your content?

For example, you want to start a YouTube channel to show how to lose weight.

Here you need to research your audience by their gender, age group, location, language and many more.

To make this more understandable, I have created the below chart. Have a look at this.

In technical terms, we call the above words as “keyword” or “Tag”. When it comes to YouTube, video keyword tag research is one of the most important tasks. 

If a user searches over YouTube by the term “weight loss tips for women over 40”, YouTube shows it’s result based upon these keyword tags. Don’t think YouTube checks your video content and shows the result. YouTube always checks video keyword tags. If it is included on your content, your video will come in the search result page.

Don’t forget that proper keyword tag will help you to get a targeted audience who wants to watch your content. Otherwise you will survive to get views from your targeted audience.

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I have narrowed and specified the audience. Now this is the time to get some audiences on this keyword tag.

There is a tool called VidIQ which helps me by suggesting what I should do to build audiences. When I open or play any video on YouTube, this tool shows some important analytical data besides the video. 

If it is my own video, I can improve them with VidIQ suggestions. If it is from a competitor’s channel, I can get some important data on how they get a healthy audience so that I can apply them into my content.

And the best part is, I don’t need to install any software or login into a separate website to get these data. 

Before diving into a deeper level, check out the screenshot below first.

Here I have found the top competitor’s list on the specific keyword tag (i.e. weight loss tips for women over 40) and related channel keyword suggestions

Note: In this section, you will find 2 types of keyword tags. One is a video keyword tag and another is channel keyword tag. 

These keywords are required for your YouTube channel, not for your video contents. Video keywords used to rank videos on search results where channel keywords required to rank channel on search results. But remember, both are important to grow on YouTube.

Let’s see what VidIQ suggestion tool is showing on our keyword tag.

Can you see video optimization opportunities?

Let me explain.

Here Added Last 7 days means no video added on YouTube on the specific search query from the last 7 days.

CC: 3/20 means 3 videos have closed caption (subtitles) out of 20. You can create content with presentable subtitles to get a global audience. You can use YouTube’s inbuilt closed caption feature or create a personalised caption while editing your video.

Avg Age: 2 years: Creators are uploading 1 video in 2 years. Here you have a great chance to add great content on this topic.

Times in Title and Times in Desc. indicating creators are not uploading optimised video titles and descriptions on this specific topic.

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Before creating any video, let’s see what is the audience requirement on this specific search term.

Here the term “weight loss tips for women over 40” has got a low score based upon content requirement over YouTube search results. Also, your competition with other YouTubes is low. Now it is your call to create or not to create content on this topic.

Now you have a basic idea on how to research and create content to get views automatically. And as I have told earlier, you don’t need to go anywhere to check these data. These are available in the YouTube interface. 

Have a look into this.

If you want to grow on YouTube, no one is stopping you to get several important suggestions to have a great creator experience over YouTube.

Just install VidIQ Extension (free) on your Google Chrome Browser and enjoy. 

Let’s start with our seed keyword tag. I have searched on YouTube with the query “weight loss tips for women over 40”. Have a look into the result.

Here you have started to get opportunities again.

Your competitors are already uploaded videos on the same topic and they have a healthy audience circle. You just need to start converting their audience into yours.

Since commenting is a very old and popular strategy to convert competitor’s viewers into your subscribers.

In another way, you have a great chance where competitor’s audience has asked some question and you have answered with an example of your content. 

This technique is quite lengthy but very helpful. If you notice your favourite YouTubers, they also comment on their competitor’s video. Like I have noticed, famous Indian YouTubes Bhuvan Bam comments on Amit Bhadana’s post and the vice versa.

If they can include this task in their strategy, you can do obviously.

Now I like to share another important and great feature of VidIQ which helps to analyse competitor’s keyword tags so that you can utilise the best keywords into your own video. This is another helpful feature which will help you to grow on YouTube.

Recalling previous search results for the term “weight loss tips for women over 40”.

Here I will research the 3rd Video and will try to find data to improve my own content. 

But why did I ignore to analyse the 1st and 2nd one?

To grow on YouTube, you should have an analytical mind as well as creative. Just check out total views, years and like-dislike ratio for the 3 videos and compare with 1st and 2nd.

The 3rd video has got a better view in 1 year compared to the 1st and 2nd. Also, it has a better ratio of like and dislike (i.e. 97% where 1st and 2nd is on 89%).

That is the reason I have chosen the 3rd one. Maybe, this video ranked 3rd in this year. Realising the competition and SEO friendliness, 3rd one may break search results in future.

Now, I like to explore competitor’s keyword tags. Here Once, I played the 3rd one, I found some important data right panel on the YouTube interface.

Here is the first example of channel keyword tags used by this creator. Have a look into this.

Now check out video tags used to rank on search results.

Here is the good news is, you can copy these keyword tags and paste onto your video content. Have a look on the right side corner to find options to download in CSV format and copy those keywords.

Note: Do not paste all keyword tags used by your competitor. Just use those which are matched 100% with your content.

Install VidIQ Free Extension and enjoy.

Here another important feature by VidIQ will help to grow on YouTube. Often, people upload video but forget to maintain a proper optimisation checklist. 

VidIQ is providing an inbuilt optimisation checklist to help you while you will upload any content on your channel.

Let’s have a look on the screenshot.

Grow on YouTube: optimization checklist

I have written another article about how to create Catchy Title and SEO optimised Description to rank on search result.

Also, don’t forget to Install VidIQ Free Extension.

When you are creating contents for your audiences, you become responsible to keep them happy. In this digital revolution, it becomes very easy over social media.

But, every social media has a different way to interact with the audience. You need to understand the proper utilisation. I have written another article on Social Media Management. Just read it to get a better understanding on how to use social media to increase the popularity.

Here is an example for your reference.

Introducing another great tool for YouTube creators, OneStream.

As you can read from it’s graphic, this tool is great for creators to go LIVE to interact with their audience. 

And the best part is, you don’t need to go live actually. Here you will get access to upload and schedule your pre-recorded video at max 60 days before. 

Why do you need this tool?
  • Sometimes newbie creators hesitate or get shy to get LIVE. This tools will help them.
  • If you are working professional and you are unable to manage audience interaction, you may find this tool helpful.
  • Managing multiple accounts in a single video. Don’t need to go LIVE on different social media on different time. Shoot a single video and schedule in multiple social media as a LIVE SCREAMING video to interact with your audience.
  • This feature is available up to 40+ social media including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
  • You can schedule your videos up to 60 days in advance.

If you are a LIVE SCREAMER, this is a must-use tool for you. Create a free account on OneStream Now.

Reality check. Let me tell you the bitter truth. Growing on YouTube is not a one night trick nor a magic trick. It is a continuous process to learning new things from competitors and improvising own content. So, plan how you are going to build your strategy. 

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Good Luck.