How to create clickable thumbnail

How to create clickable thumbnail

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is not related when we talk about YouTube. Because here people judge videos by their thumbnails.

Thumbnails are usually the first thing viewers see when they find one of your videos, and 90% of the best-performing videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails – Team YouTube

So, now we have an official YouTube statement about creating effective thumbnails. It is always a good idea to plan some thumbnails before you shoot your video so that you can have several options while uploading the same. This will be actually helpful when you will share the video across different social media and embed in different websites. Because thumbnails show up with different sizes in different platforms and your planned thumbnail will reduce the chances of messing up while promoting your content on multiple platforms.

In today’s article I am going to share some actionable tips to create clickable thumbnails to increase CTR.

How do I get better thumbnails on YouTube?

Whenever we watch videos on YouTube, the first eye-catching thing is video thumbnails. The primary job of a thumbnail is simply to make the audience click on it. A lot of YouTubers make people click on videos using misleading thumbnails. If you are doing the same thing, you are not a long term player.

Thumbnails and titles are the two importance factors because the audience decides to watch content after viewing them. They work together like a team and play a major role to increase CTR. Whenever people click into the content based upon thumbnails and titles, YouTube records several factors to track the performance. One of them, most important, is watch time.

When people click your content and stop watching immediately indicates that your thumbnail might be not accurately portraying the content. A couple of these types of incidents may punish your channel directly or indirectly. Let’s say YouTube will not recommend your videos to new audiences.

So, the safe and long term player will go with an ethical and logical way of creating thumbnails. They keep in mind the following points while creating thumbnails.

Use a still image from your video:

This technique is the simpleast on YouTube ever. Using an image from video content will ensure the thumbnail is accurately portrayed. You can choose this from your video or take a photograph separately before / after shooting the video.

Use graphics for branding and marketing:

If you are trying to build a brand through YouTube, you should go for visual graphics. Here is a perfect example from the “eStudent” channel where they have made their thumbnails in a very clever way.

What are they doing exactly?

How to create clickable thumbnail

Point No 1: They are using the same thumbnails for same playlists to understand their audiences what the series of contents are all about.

Point No 2: They are wearing a T-shirt with their official logo. It looks really professional.

Point No 3: They are using a simple template of thumbnails and edits some basic texts before uploading any video. It looks more eye-catching and a time saving process.

Point No 4: They are collaborating and uploading videos with a face so that their audience can recognize them easily. Normally, we prefer to watch videos from known faces rather than new YouTubers. This is why the collaborating technique is more popular than others.

Get a good thumbnail maker:

Creating a thumbnail nowadays has become easier. You don’t need to be a graphics designer for this task. Thanks to the internet that made the whole process simple, easy and time saving. You just need to use a decent tool to complete the process.

There are a lot of tools available over the internet. But, today I will talk only of my favourites i.e. Stencil and Snappa because they have a huge collection of images, templates, fonts, graphics for different platforms with different sizes. I will suggest having a try with both of them to check which one suits you better. If there is any other tool, let me know in the comment section. I will definitely take a try on it.

If you want to be a pro player, you must read my other guide on the best tools to improve a YouTube channel. If you like this article do support me by sharing the content in your social media wall. For more updates, do follow me on social media.

Good luck !!