how to submit app in amazon app store

How to Submit an App to the Amazon App Store

Do you want to know how to submit an app to the Amazon App Store? Will this action help you to reach a wider audience?

Yes! You will get this surely.

When it comes to the matter of app promotion, submitting an Android app in the Amazon store is a must-work job. Although. Most of the developers publish their app in the Google Play Store.  But the Amazon App Store is an excellent alternative to the Google Play Store. You can upload both FREE and PAID apps here. 

In this guide, I am going to share the full tutorial (step by step guide) on how to upload an Android app to the Amazon app store.

Here I am going to share a trick to generate APK files from Google Play Store. Just navigate to APK Combo Website and paste the URL of the application located in the Google Play Store. Leave all the other options as they are available by default.

Once you’ve pasted the URL, just click on the DOWNLOAD button.

As you can refer to the screenshot, the URL has generated its APK version which is available to download.

Just click on the download icon (marked in red) and ENJOY.

Once I logged into Amazon Website, I had to register for Amazon Developer. You can navigate directly by clicking here: Signup or Login.

In this process, Amazon is asking for some personal information (i.e. names, addresses, contact details, email ids etc.Just fill out this data and SAVE these to proceed further. To make this idea simple, I have shared a couple of details in my screenshot which you can refer to in the above.

If your app includes monetization and in-app purchases, then you have to fill in your tax details (for both US and non-US residents). This process is mandatory to get payments. Otherwise, you can skip directly to the App Console to proceed further.

Once I have navigated to App Console, I have found all the services which amazon is offering for developers. In my case, I have chosen the Amazon App Store. Here is the screenshot for your reference.

Amazon App Store is designed specially for promoting Android Applications. You can check from the above screenshot to optimize your app to reach a greater audience.

Coming back to the tutorial. Once you have entered the Search Console Dashboard, you will need to click on ADD A NEW APP and then ANDROID APP as per the above screenshot.

Now is the time to fill out some information regarding your new app like App Name under App Title, App Category, Learning Subjects and many more. You can refer to my screenshot and update the details as per your requirement. 

If you have an email id, contact number and website to provide your audience / customer with any issues to resolve, you can mention it here. Otherwise, the Amazon App Store will take these details by default from what you have used on your Amazon account.

Once all the information has filled up, just click on SAVE and get ready to move into the next option.

Before showing you further, I want to share the progress bar showing as above. Amazon app store has divided it’s submission form into 6 steps. We have completed just the first one (i.e. General Information).

In the next step, we have to fill out the application availability and it’s pricing (if any). In my case, I want to share my app in all the countries where the Amazon app store is available. You can set any specific location or country (if required).

Also, I have mentioned that my application is totally free and the user does not have to pay any money for the same. As I said earlier, if your app is a paid, you have to fill in your tax information while registering for Amazon developer.

Once you have filled in all the details, click on the SAVE button.

The next step is all about sharing the details of your application.

Display Title: Write your application name which you want to show in the Amazon app store.

Short Description: Share a summary of your application so that mobile users can have a better understanding.

Long Description: These details are to be shown on the app store website. You can have a chance to describe your application briefly.

Product feature bullets: Ensure you share all the features (maximum 10) you are offering through your application. By default, this option comes with a built-in bullet option. Just write to design your key features first.

Keywords: If you are aware of search keywords then you can mention those in this section.

Once you have filled in all the details, just SAVE it and proceed to the next option.

We have reached option 4 (i.e. Images and Multimedia). This step will take some time if you do not have all the images ready. In my case, it took almost 20 to 25 minutes as my images were not ready. (As I was not aware these will require).

Icons: This step requires 2 nos of icons with a size of 512 x 512px and 114 x 114px. Both images should be in PNG format with a transparent background.

Screenshots: Here you can add screenshots of 3 to 10 images in both JPEG and PNG format. Also, you can set different images with different sizes. You can check all the image sizes from the screenshot below.

Promotional Image: Create and upload a responsive image with a size of 1024 x 500px in both JPEG and PNG format.

Video: If you have any promotional video or app trailer, you can upload it in this section. Before uploading any video, just have a look into the screenshot below to find out more about video formats and resolutions.

In my case, I don’t want to upload any video content to the Amazon app store. This is the reason I left this field blank.

Once you have filled in all the details, just click on SAVE to proceed further.

This section is to share some cautions if your application contains some objectional things like violence, nudity, sexual content and many more. Just select and cover all the required options and SAVE your data.

We are now one step closer to completing the app submission process. Just upload your APK file here.

Select the language in which you can support your application user. Remember, we have mentioned the customer support email id and contact number earlier. This step is connected with that data. 

Further steps to accept EXPORT COMPLIANCE and USE AMAZON MAPS REDIRECTION. Once clicked on these boxes, just click on the SAVE button.

Coming back to the progress bar. As you can see, we have completed all the steps one by one. Now it is time to SUBMIT the application to the app store.

Note: You can edit all the things you have filled out yet. Just navigate to the specific options and click on the EDIT option at the bottom right side.

Amazon will take a maximum of 6 days to get your app visible into their app store. For my case, it took 1 day. If they find any issues, they will reach out to you over email.

If you want to monetize your app in the Amazon Play Store, they will share the advertising revenue in a 70:30 ratio. If you found this tutorial helpful, don’t forget this blog post in your social accounts. Also let me know in the comment section where you have submitted your Android app to reach a wider audience.

Good Luck !!

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Kamal Das

Hey Arup. You have shared a helpful tutorial with a detailed guide. But after completion of all the process, 1 day passed and amazon did not approved yet. Please advise what to do next.

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