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Take Advantage Of Internal Linking – Use These Methods

Internal link helps Google to find, index and understand all of your pages in your website. If you design internal links strategically, you can increase the Page Authority of the important pages.

Google suggests to “make it easy as possible for users to go from general content to the more specific content they want on your site. Add navigation pages when it makes sense and effectively work these into your internal link structure”.

The Importance of Internal Link Building

Internal Linking is very much important in various sides. Let’s focus on the top benefits of internal linking.

  • If you have designed your links with relevant contents, readers are more likely to read further. This action will help to increase Engagement Rate and will decrease the Bounce Rate.
  • Google bot likes to crawl and index more internal linked pages and improves Search Visibility.
  • Internal linking improves user experience.

In this guide, I am sharing some popular methods in a step by step guide. Have a look into these methods.

If you are a WordPress user, you can use its default internal linking feature to provide the best user experience. 

For example, I have written an article where I have used the term “improve SEO” by which I want to indicate my reader to visit and get knowledge about that topic.

I have just edited that article and linked with the related content. Here you can check the screenshot for your reference.

My Experience

Using this method, I don’t get any automated link building suggestion while editing contents in WordPress editor. Since the method is useful but works in a traditional manual way. Professional bloggers do not recommend this process as if there has a huge number of articles. As this process works manually, you may find this process time consuming and the danger of overlooking link possibilities.

Here is another great tool for internal linking with its Artificial Intelligence. Link Whisper AI uses Natural Language Processing (NLP algorithm) which automates the process of finding the best links for your each and every article. 

Just Navigate to your WordPress posts page and EDIT any of your articles. You will get LINK WHISPER SUGGESTION box as below.

What we can understand?

The above section indicates the sentence, needs to be linked with another page showing on the right side.

If you think this suggestion is helpful, just select the phrase (tick on the given box) and click on UPDATE POST.  This action will update your post with the suggested internal link.

Link Stat:

Now you have all of your link statistics in your hand. Link Whisper will share a detailed report of link statistics from your website. Have a look into the below screenshot.

My Experience

I am using this tool from 2018. From my experience, I have found that Link Whisper includes lots of opportunities to improve SEO and Audience Engagements. Here is a quick summary.

  • Automatic Link Suggestion tool helps by suggesting relevant internal links when I write in my WordPress editor.
  • With Link Whisper  I can quickly find those pages have very little or no internal link pointing to them.
  • I get Automatic Links from Keywords of my choice. I gave just input of the keyword which want to build links from and then specified the URL I want to go there. 
  • Internal Link Reporting data helps to understand in-depth reporting to take control of my website structure. 
  • Link Whisper makes it extremely easy to see all my broken links (both internal and external).

And it costs only $77 for Single-Site and $117 for 3 sites. I use for my single website which I have found value for money. If you are in confusion to decide if Link Whisper is for you or not for you, then I have good news for you. This tool offers a 30 days Money Back Guarantee. Have a try to this awesome tool.

Here, another useful tool to design internal links. The most powerful feature is the ability to change anchor text with the same article. Internal Link Juicer works quite a different way but it is very useful also. To understand the functions better, have a look into the video.

My Experience

And the good news for you that the tool is available in both free and premium versions. And of course, the premium has some pro features and have no limitations. Let’s try by yourself and experience it.

There have many more plugins available, but these are the best solutions that you can use for internal linking. Let me know over the comment section which method / tool you are using to build your link strategy. 

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Good Luck !!

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I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Very well written!