too late to start vlogging

Is it too late to Start Vlogging?

Are you passionate about vlogging?

If the answer is “yes”, then it is never late to follow your passion.

Is it a good decision to follow passion without knowing it’s market need?

International Telecommunications Union conducted research in April 2019. According to their research, 56.1% people are using the Internet globally. This is a large increase from 41% in 2017 and 21% in 2010.

Let’s have a look at Google Trends. You can see the popularity of vlogging is not only increasing, it’s climbing.

late to Start Vlogging
Data from 2014 to 2019.

Go with YouTube:

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google. People search on the Internet before doing anything. In this era, this is a great chance for you to follow your passion.

If you haven’t already set up a channel, there is nothing stopping you – YouTube is free and easy to use. In fact, this is the best video hosting platform and the perfect place to launch your vlog.

YouTube Algorithm:

YouTube had designed its great algorithm system. This system allows both old and new videos to show in search results. So do not discourage yourself by thinking about YouTube’s huge contents.YouTube likes fresh contents. The opportunity of breaking search results is equal for both old and new creators. Make sure your videos are optimised that people are searching for.

Good Luck.

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