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How to Write SEO Friendly Title to Get More Traffic Immediately

A SEO friendly title takes an important part in improving SEO performance. It does not matter if you are creating video content or a blog post. Your content title takes an important part for both of them and helps the audience decide to click on it or not.

There are two main reasons why you should write SEO friendly titles.

1# Optimized Title Improves CTR (Click Through Rate):

If you are creating content on YouTube, then your video thumbnail and title help people to decide whether to watch it or not. In the case of a blog post, meta description and title takes the responsibility. 

Both of them should have an attractive and optimized title which will help the audience to understand what the content is about.

2# Optimized Title Improves SEO Performance:

When it comes to SEO, adding target keywords to the title is a must-work job. This is why I always include my target keyword in the content title. 

Search engine algorithms pay special attention to the first few keywords while indexing. So, make sure your first keywords on the title should match with your target keywords.

It is important to write titles accurately to describe your content. Otherwise you will find a low audience retention rate in YouTube as well as a high bounce rate for blog posts. Both of them will hurt the content SEO. As a result, your content will not rank on the search result page.

So, ensure to follow this checklist while writing your title SEO friendly.

Avoid Clickbait for Your Long Term Success:

Several creators have invested their efforts into creating clickbait titles and thumbnails for fastest views. If you want to enjoy your long term success, do not use this trick. Clickbait titles may increase content clicks but also penalised by search engines. As a result, this action will hurt your SEO.

clickbait can hurt your chances of being recommended to new viewers.”

YouTube Official

If you want to grow a loyal and sustained audience, your audience should be interested in your content. So ensure to focus on creating quality content.

How do search engines know if something is clickbait?

Well, search engines like Google and YouTube pay close attention to how users interact with a blog post and video after they click on it. If people drop off within the first few seconds, it means the content has a misleading title that tricks people.

Conduct Keyword Research:

Simply navigate to Google and type your search query. Get help from Google on what people are searching for. 

For example, I want to know WHAT IS THE BEST PLACE IN INDIA. When I typed the query Google started to show it’s recommendations. 

The interesting part is that you can use them as your target keyword.

As you can see from the above screenshot, you will have lots of keyword suggestions over there. These are the most popular search queries on Google.

To make your content title search friendly, you should include one of these keywords into your title. This action will enable the opportunities to get ranked on the search result page.

Keyword research is one of the most important tasks among SEO activities. If you are serious about SEO, you should learn more about keyword research next to the advanced level.

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Your content title plays a major role in the success of your SEO journey. For this, use an Excel Sheet to choose the perfect title for your content.

You will be surprised how many ideas you will get just because you will have a clear direction of what your title should express.

Step 1: To achieve clarity, point out specific words which you need to use in your title. Write in the first row in the Excel Sheet about your post as many words as you need.

For example, I wrote the title below while creating this post.

Write Catchy Title: Set your creativity to improve SEO in less time

An ultra-practical way to create a title when you struggle to be creative. Small steps to improve your SEO.

Step 2: Try to come up with a title for each of the 7 formulas. You can create as many title versions as you like for each formula. But try to create at least one for each.

Goal Achievement: Struggling to come up with an engaging title? These mini-steps will make it a breeze.

Super Curiosity: Did you know that you can create a perfect title just by filling an Excel Sheet?

Do it like this famous person: Creating an engaging title: A step by step tutorial shared from a famous copywriter.

Learn something without pain: How to come up with a perfect title without trying.

Super Valuable Resources: Fill out this Excel Sheet to create a title your readers can’t ignore.

Stop Struggling: How to come up with better titles in less time. An ultra-practical way to come up with a great title when you are struggling to be creative.

What nobody gets: Writing engaging titles: Set your creativity to improve SEO in less time.

Step 3: Now it’s time to analyse your title and choose the perfect one. Check your title score from the free tools below:

At the end of this research, you will get a table that will look like this. You can choose your perfect title based on the best average score.

Write Catchy Title: Set your creativity to improve SEO in less time

Introducing another awesome tool to write SEO friendly titles. The Headline Analyzer by Coschedule.

This free tool helps to ensure the titles work better. Simply navigate to Headline Analyzer and write your title to get suggestions to improve titles in different levels.

Let’s get started with an example.

The first thing to notice is that you will have an optimization score out of 100. Ensure to score at least 80 while using this tool. 

To increase the score, you have to focus on improvements suggested by the Headline Analyser tool.

The title you are writing should include the important words your audience is looking for. This tool will suggest to include them with a form in proper ratio.

If you look closely at the above screenshot, you will have an idea on what words to increase and what to decrease.

Use common words 20% to 30%. If you are using more, your title will not seem as unique to your audience.

Use uncommon words 10% to 20%.

Emotional words are proven to drive engagement by stirring an emotional response in readers. Use emotional words 10% to 15%.

Use at least 1 power word to make an impact on the content.

If you are still confused to identify common, uncommon, emotional and powerful words, I have good news to share with you.

This tool offers a word bank with different types of words. Although the word bank is available for their premium users. If you are not interested in buying their plans, simply search on Google to get lots of word ideas to include in your title.

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Good Luck.