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Shoot With Smart Phone – Cost Saving Strategy

Failures Make You Shoot With Smart Phone Better Only If You Understand. In 2019, everyone has a powerful camera in their pocket.

With some little knowledge and practice, you can shot awesome videos for your channel. Before pressing the record button, it is important to consider a few factors. 

Manual Settings :

Every device is awesome if you understood its manual settings. You will feel that your camera has its mind. The Smart Phone camera was designed with great intelligence. Let’s be some little technical. These cameras have automatic/manual exposures, white balance, focus, and many more options. You should gather some technical knowledge on these options to shoot quality content with your Smart Phone. Often people use third party camera applications to shot videos. Despite using a third party camera application, you should use your Smart Phone inbuilt camera. You can edit later to add an effect on your content.

Light :

Every Smart Phone has its inbuilt flashlights. But cameras on mobile devices need lots of light to shoot a good quality video. So it is advisable for you to shoot in daylight while using your Smart Phone. On sunny days, try shooting in the shade to avoid the bright sun and dark shadows. When filming at home, you can capture natural light by setting your camera up near a window. 

Shot Composition:

Consider some limitations on Smart Phone cameras like camera zoom in / zoom out. Your video quality will decrease if you shot in zoom camera mode. So, if you can, move your smartphone forward /backward or move side by side (left to right or right to left). Remember of stabilization while moving your camera. Because people don’t like shaky footage. If you want to shoot at the pro level, try using a tripod or gimbal.

Sound :

Sound is one of the most important parts of your video. A viewer needs to understand what the character is saying. Smart Phone cameras are designed with its inbuilt microphone to record audio. Try to place your subject close to the microphone. Also, think about the location so that you can shoot video without creating extra noise. In public places, consider using an external microphone to improve your sound quality.
I would suggest you not to give focus on costly cameras or equipment too much. Focus on taking an exciting shoot.

Shoot your next video from your Smart Phone.

Good Luck.

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