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SEMrush Review: How to use for SEO improvement

Are you looking for a tool that helps you research keywords, analyse backlink opportunities, explore competitor success secrets and most importantly, do a complete SEO audit for your blog?

If your answer is yes, let me introduce an all-in-one SEO tool which I have used personally since 2016. It’s SEMrush. 

I always prefer to learn new techniques along with new tools. But the SEMrush experience takes itself to include the name in my list of favourite tools.

Without wasting time, let’s explore the tool in a step by step way.

  • Just enter your domain name along with the domain link. 

SEmrush helps to improve several things like Website Health, Website Visibility, On Page SEO, Link Building and many more. I will try to share all those tutorials step by step.

Have a look at these.

Now I am going to show you how to improve your site’s health. In this step, you will find a screen below. Have a look into this and click on the SET UP option.

Here are the guidelines for basic configurations. By default you will get a limit of 100 pages to be checked per audit. As per your requirement, you can change 

Go through as per your required settings and click on CRAWLER SETTINGS on the bottom right side.

Here you need to choose crawler bot. By default, it will come with SEMRUSHBOT-DESKTOP. I would suggest maintaining all the default configurations onwards.

Then click on ALLOW/DISALLOW URLS (right bottom).

Just go with the default settings. Click on REMOVE URL PARAMETERS.

Same here. Just go with the default. Click on BYPASS WEBSITE RESTRICTIONS.

Click on SCHEDULE.

And here is the last step. You need to choose the health audit parameter. How often do you want to audit your site?

All the options have been configured. Now click on START SITE AUDIT and get your suggestions.

For example, I am sharing a screenshot of a health check-up report for your reference. Have a look into the data below.

Here is one of my favourite features to improve SEO. SEMrush is offering ON PAGE SEO CHECKER which crawls through all the content in my blog and suggests relevant improvements.

Basically, this CHECKER tool collects all the data from the top 10 competitors on specific keywords and compares them with my content. Based on this data, it suggests several aspects to improvise for better SEO.

Let’s dive into the tutorial to learn more. Go to Projects DASHBOARD and click on COLLECT SEO IDEAS under ON PAGE SEO CHECKER.

Now is the time to import all your content and check for SEO opportunities. Check out the screenshot below and select your target location.

Then click on CONTINUE.

Before importing content, configure the method on how to import content easily.

In this example, I have selected a single page from my blog so that you will have a better understanding of the reason behind this import.

  • My Content: How to Optimize Content SEO Friendly
  • Target Keyword: Content Optimization


That’s it. I now have all the ideas. Have a look into the screenshot below.

As you can see, SEMrush is suggesting to improve the 3 ideas I have marked. Let me click on the 3 IDEAS to explore what to improve.

The very first thing I have found is an SEO strategy. But this does not require improvement. SEMrush has already checked and verified that my SEO strategy for this content is better than the top 10 competitors on Google Search.

Another important thing is the Keyword Cannibalization. It is perfectly fine. No need to do anything.

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Keyword cannibalization: Tutorials coming soon

SERP Features:

This feature is important but mostly required on product-based websites. Have a look at what SEMrush suggests for this section.  

  • If there is a high probability that your page may appear in a featured snippet, we will tell you how to improve your chances.
  • If we discover that you need to get a star rating for your page, we will provide you with an idea.

As you know, content is king. Hence, this suggestion is one of the most important parts in view of On Page SEO. have a look into the suggestion summary.

  • Content: Here my content is not enough compared to competitors. (Need improvement)
  • Keyword stuffing in title, meta description and body: No (Perfect)
  • H1 tag, title tag, meta tag and meta description contains target keyword: Yes (Perfect)
  • Video Content: Included (Perfect)
  • Text content is easy to read: Yes (Perfect)

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Now I want to dive some deeper level. As you can see from the above screenshot, there is an option to SEE DETAILED ANALYSIS. I have just clicked over it and found these suggestions.

The very first thing is that I have created a low length of content compared to competitors. The average word count of competitors is 1539 where mine is 873.

To compete with competitors, this content must write at least 1539+ words.

Semantic: Compared to top competitors, some related keywords are not included in the content. Have a look into the screenshot below.

Building backlinks is another important factor in view of SEO improvement. SEMrush provides a list of websites to build backlinks. The list came from a backlink analysis of the top 10 search results on a specific keyword.

Technical SEO: Now it’s time to take care of all the technical aspects. Have a look at what factors I get help with using the SEMrush tool.

  • The page is not blocked from crawling
  • Internal links point to this page
  • No duplicate titles or duplicate content can be found
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Tutorial: Design contents with internal linking

Remove duplicate content: Tutorial coming soon

User Experience: As per the latest update on the Google algorithm, user experience is a direct ranking factor for SEO. Thank you SEMrush for taking care of the user experience.

When you use this tool for the first time, you need to connect to a Google Analytics account to get data related user experience. 


Choose the required parameters as above and click on COLLECT IDEAS. Here are the details for your reference.

  • Time spent on this page is high enough
  • Page loads quickly enough
  • Page has a low bounce rate

SEMrush Keyword Magic tool is one of the best tools in terms of keyword research. Any traditional keyword can share the data of the estimated search volume for each keyword. But Keyword Magic Tool works in quite a different way. For example, you will have data keyword trends, difficulty rates, number of content already available on the internet on any specific keyword and many more.

I have created a tutorial on possibly the best methods to do keyword research (including SEMrush). Have a look into this.

Whatever we can do for SEO improvement, at the end of the day, CONTENT IS KING. So, it is really important to research content before creating it. Let’s have a look at how TOPIC RESEARCH TOOL helps me.

I recommend you to read my other tutorial on how I do content research (multiple methods including SEMrush) which will help you to understand at a deeper level.

As a blogger, your main focus is to create more content for your readers. What if all of your content is not ranked on a search result? This is a disaster situation. Often people get demotivated if there is no potential audience.

People create millions of blog posts all over the world in a few seconds. In this competitive ground, we should not focus only on creating great blog posts. It is more important to explore what my competitors are doing. This way we can learn a couple of expertise things that help these competitors in organic search.

Using SEMrush, you can explore competitors in terms of Keywords, Backlinks, Contents, User experience and many more. These actions will help you to get a better position on search results.

SEMrush works best with a PRO account. If you are an individual or a newbie blogger, you can start with a FREE TRIAL. As per your requirements, you can upgrade or downgrade your PRO plans at any time.

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Kamal Das

I am using semrush from last 6 months. This is one of my favourite tool.

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