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The Best Tools for YouTube Channel – 2021 Edition

On 14th February 2005, YouTube was started with a vision to create a social networking site where people can upload longer videos to share their experiences. But now this became World’s 2nd largest search engine after Google with more than 2 billion monthly active users. A majority of time, we use YouTube like a traditional search engine. We always search almost everything on YouTube.

The fun fact is that in every minute more than 400 hours of videos are uploaded onYouTube. Now, being a creative person it became more important to be a little more technical to survive in the content race. Otherwise, you will invest your lots of effort on creating awesome contents but the same will not be discovered by your targeted audience.

Let me help you to understand why it is important.

As mentioned earlier, in every minute more than 400 hours of videos are uploaded. That means in 7 days people are uploading more than 2800 hours of videos and in 30 days 12,000 hours of videos. Now just think what would be the total hours in 365 days how many videos are uploaded and in 5 years too.

If we think that we are creating quality content and that it is supposed to be reached to the targeted audience without doing anything, then we are the biggest fool in creators history. Thousands of hours of videos are uploaded in just 7 days and the YouTube team does not check each and every video to find the best.

This is why they built an algorithm, which is nothing but some parameters which helps YouTube to understand which videos are best for viewers when they search with a query. In today’s article, I am going to help you to understand those parameters along with some tools to make things easier.

Google Trend:

It is really important to understand what people are looking for on YouTube. Using Google Trend this task can be easier because Google knows very well what people are searching over the internet.

Just have a look into the above chart, people are searching for Pizza recipes more than Burger recipes. If you are a food blogger, this data is designed for you.

The beauty of this tool is that it is designed with some basic but powerful features. You can narrow down your topic to identify more specific content ideas.

  • Location wise filter with specific city, state, country or you can choose globally
  • Specific time period like past hour or past 4 hours or past day or past 30 days or past 3 months or past 1 year or 5 years or may be since 2004.
  • Identify the platform where people are searching like web search on or youTube

Also, the tool will suggest some related and popular search queries related to your topic like what type of pizza people are looking for like crust pizza, paneer pizza, atta pizza etc etc. Remember, these queries are most popular and a huge number of people are searching for it.

Although Google Trend is simple yet powerful but has some limitations too. You will not have the search volume for any topic or query. This is why I have written another article on how to research content with some popular methods (step by step guide). Do checkout and let me know in the comment section which method suits you best.

YouTube Auto Complete:

To set up your keyword research, you can utilize YouTube auto complete feature. This technique is quite simple and easy to use. Just taking the pizza recipe example to explain this.

When we search for something on YouTube, it keeps starting to show some suggestions to be more specific on the search query. These are nothing but top searches on this topic. You can use them as your target keyword as well as video tag too. These suggestions will help your video to rank on organic search.

Well, I have written about multiple methods on keyword research and video tag generation for pro YouTubers. Check them out to find out which method is helpful for you.


TubeBuddy is a SEO tool as well as browser extension that helps to optimize contents to grow on YouTube. Just install the extension and login with your YouTube credentials to see the magic.

Let me help you to understand what exactly you will have once you are logged in. Basically you will have almost 65 numbers of features to boost your content on YouTube. Out of those 65, I am sharing a couple of features which are already my favourite.

  • Keyword explorer helps by suggesting popular keywords related to the content. Just type the topic name on the search box and it will keep showing a lot of keyword ideas you can use.
  • Suggested tag is a complementary tag you can find while you are uploading your content on YouTube. The tool will suggest those tags once you put your main keyword on the YouTube tag section.
  • Whenever you watch any video from another channel, you will have a detailed analysis on their rankings, tags and SEO secrets. This way you can literally spy on your competitor’s content regularly.
  • Video A/B Testing is a method to perform experiments on different titles and thumbnails to identify which one is more engaging. Basically you have to give TubeBuddy different titles and thumbnails for a single video, and it will keep changing automatically based upon the better performance.
  • This tool suggests the best time to publish so that videos can get a SEO boost than usual time. TubeBuddy itself analyses your audiences with the age, location and many more parameters to know the optimal upload time.
  • Whenever you upload any video, TubeBuddy will share you a check list called upload checklist to ensure that every step is perfectly followed. There are almost 9 tasks to complete this process.
  • Social monitor features will help you to know where your videos are shared and what people are talking about. You don’t need to login to every social network manually. Just connect all of them one time and TubeBuddy will take care of them in one place forever.

As I said earlier, this tool offers almost 65 numbers of features and I am sharing a couple of my favourites. So there are a lot of interesting and useful features to use. Just navigate the TubeBuddy website and explore them.


Here is another SEO tool similar to TubeBuddy. Basically both of them are offering almost the same features in a different way and both of them are really helpful to improve SEO performance.

Well I am not repeating the same features as this will lead to a boring article as well as long too. Better I recommend checking out the VidIQ website and use both of them to understand which one is best suited for you.


Now let me talk about the graphics design part. Using Stencil, creating visual contents became more simple and funny and light weight. This tool is very fast and does not require any technical knowledge to create visual content. With the drag and drop feature you can easily show off your creativity to the world.

When you are a content creator, you should always keep in mind that social media management must be done parallelly with your YouTube journey. Otherwise you will fail to create a community and hold them for a long time. But you can’t manage social media without having attractive visual contents.

The good news is Stencil is offering more than 50 lakhs royalty free photos, 1300+ built in templates, 1 lakh+ quotes, 3700+ Google fonts, 31 lakh+ built in graphics and many more features to have the best quality visual experiences. All you need to do is just navigate to the Stencil website and experience their offerings.


Here is another tool for graphics designing / visual editing. Snappa has almost similar features to Stencil with lots of images, templates, fonts and many more.

Do check out the Snappa website and let me know in the comment section which graphics editor suits you more.

Over to You:

Now this is the time to test each and every tool to optimize videos to get a better rank on YouTube search result page. Also, let me share with you a bitter truth: no tool can make your videos rank until you maintain a checklist and follow it regularly. You must focus on creating quality content on a regular basis rather than producing a large amount of garbage. Remember, YouTube already has a large number of contents for its audience. So you must maintain quality + consistency to get success.

Well, you can refer to my another article where you will find some unique understandings which will help you to grow your YouTube channel. And if you found this article helpful, please support me by sharing it on your social media pages. For more updates, do follow me on social media profiles.