Youtube Description: Take Advantage to Improve SEO

Youtube Description: Take Advantage to Improve SEO

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How effective are you composing your YouTube video description? Or you are just avoiding this?

Remember, YouTube video descriptions are one of the most important SEO factors. This could manage effectively if you write something worthy with appropriate keywords. But several YouTubers are losing their audience because of their insufficient video descriptions.

Let’s go some technical.

What is Video Description?

It is a metadata which helps YouTube to understand the content and helps to show in YouTube search results. YouTube search results include some SEO factors like content title, tags and video description.

In today’s guide, I will share some basic tips that will increase the probability of getting viewed on search results.

3 Things to Optimise YouTube Video Description:

Searchable Description: Many of the creators write their descriptions like this. 

Take Advantage Of Youtube Description

A description like this will not provide much information to YouTube and to your audience. Well-written description with proper keyword can convey valuable information about your content. 

Pro Tip: Identify main words that describe your video and feature them prominently in both your description and title.

Take Advantage Of Youtube Description
Take Advantage Of Youtube Description

Add Subscribe Link: This is the right time to convert your Viewer to your Subscriber. Think of it from a point of sale. Your audience has watched your content and are encouraging in a hasty manner to Subscribe your channel.

Pro Tip: Simply copy and paste your channel URL in your video description and then add this code to end of it  ?sub_confirmation=1. When people click on it, it will give them an automatic pop-up to subscribe to your channel. This does only work on desktop computers, but on a mobile, it will still tune in to your channel page, where your viewer may subscribe to you.

Add #Hashtags: Are you using hashtags in your video description? If not, you may be losing tons of views.

Using hashtags is a very popular way to find related content on popular topics. If you want to include hashtags in your video, you need to add those in your description. They will appear as blue words above your videos. Check out YouTube official hashtag use policy:

Take Advantage Of Youtube Description
Over to you:

Creating great content is not enough. It is like half preparation for your battle. If you really want to rank your videos on a search engine, you should have knowledge on how to optimise videos on YouTube and understand what your competitors are doing to win. 

Good luck. 

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