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YouTube Tag – The Ultimate Guide for SEO

YouTube Keyword Tag. Do they matter?

Is this practice will give our content a better rank in your search results?

Welcome to MSP Learning Academy !! In today’s guide, we will take a deep-dive into the answers. 

What to Keyword Tag?

Keyword Tags are some phrases or words which gives a context to YouTube about your content. These tags took an important role in the YouTube search algorithm.

Are Keyword Tags Important to Ranking?

Like YouTube video title and description, tags are one of the most important factors. They all linked together.

As I told earlier, Your video tag gives a context to YouTube about your content. Youtube algorithm checks your tags, description and title while people search on YouTube.

Let’s get into the example:

I have searched on YouTube for keyword “recipe of maggi” and took the first video on search result.

Now check its title and description. Both places included the keyword “recipe of maggi”.

Finally, check its keyword tags.

Best Practices: First Keyword Tag = Target Keyword Tag

YouTube algorithm pays special attention on first few keywords while SEO. So, make sure your first keyword tag should match exactly with your targeted keyword.

Overdose is not good for health:

We all know of it. Nothing more is not good for health. This rule applies to YouTube SEO. You should not use a bundle of tags on your videos.

Remember, Tags designed to help YouTube to understand your content. And if you hand them 20+ tags, they will have a hard time knowing what your video is actually about.

For example, check out below video tags:

Imagine, you are YouTube. Based on these tags, what you understood about the video content?


YouTube will become confused too.

See, your tags should relate to your content. Overloading of keyword tags is an indirect process to hurt your ranking. It is far better to stick on 5 -8 keywords which describes your video content perfect.

Rank Your Videos using These Tips:
  • Explore high searching tags to bring your video on YouTube suggestion
  • Find perfect keywords for your content to improve video SEO
  • Analyse your competitors and explore their tags
  • Use tag generator tool and ENJOY.

Explore high searching tags to bring your video on YouTube suggestion: YouTube has a great algorithm to understand viewer’s requirement and suggest some related videos to watch. This is a great opportunity to increase your content views by positioning your videos on the suggested video section. To bring your content on top of suggested video section, you need to include high searching tags according to your title and description. 

Find perfect keywords for your content to improve video SEO: One of the most important factor to get viewed on search results is video SEO. The best SEO strategy is to make sure that your target keywords/tags are included in your video title and description. 

Analyse your competitors and explore their tags: YouTube is not about creating great contents at all. In every minute more than 400 hours of videos are uploaded there. To survive in this era, you need a strong analytical method on what your competitors are doing. You need to explore their tags and implement in your content. 

Use tag generator tool and ENJOY

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